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Updated: Feb 4

Welcome to Aartvark!

Hello, visitors! My name is Eve (Eva) Smith, and I am a professional artist specializing in wildlife and portrait art. It's long been a pet dream of mine to establish an art school in the little Southern Ontario town I live in with my husband and our two dogs but unfortunately, it would take a very large financial investment – which I wish I had -- to purchase or rent the large space necessary for such an endeavor. And of course COVID-19 has thrown the world's biggest monkey wrench into everything, disrupting plans for the next best thing - to open my home studio to visitors and for art lessons.

So the art school dream has now been set to gurgle merrily on a back burner, where it will have to stay until I either win a mega-millions lottery, or the demise of a long-lost gazillionaire uncle comes to light with me being the only designated heir in his will. However, being a somewhat strong-minded (downright stubborn, in fact) kind of gal, I know that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and I’m determined to continue sharing the store of knowledge accumulated over a lifetime as an artist. That's what this blog is for and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy exploring everything it will have to offer. In the blog you'll find posts providing step-by-step instructions in drawing and a fresh approach to painting, suitable for beginners and more advanced artists alike. Based on the very successful courses I developed and taught during my nine-year stint as a professor at a community college, they’re straightforward and easy to follow; images and recorded instructional videos are underway and will be added to the lesson posts coming soon. I will also be sharing my own work along the way, to clearly demonstrate why successful, mediocre, and even not-so-successful efforts all have tremendous value.

For a small fee you'll be able to purchase a membership; this will provide access to live-streamed sessions, as well as a community area in which you can share your own artwork, communicate with others, and find the support everyone needs for successful learning. Hopefully all of this will help you to find and love your inner artist, and to keep it well-fed with the tasty dishes of new information that will be provided regularly.

So folks, I'm delighted to introduce to you to each other: World, meet Aartvark. Aartvark, meet World. Here's to a happy, productive relationship.

Stay safe, and stay tuned!

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