The Best Laid Plans

The past four months have been a wildly busy time around here. Since early Spring I've been working my seasonal job as a passenger boat captain at Grand River Dinner Cruises. After the past couple of years of COVID-19 struggles, resuming full operating capacity - and then some - has been a huge relief. But however much I love this job there is a downside: It leaves no time for website/social media updates, lesson plans, not even artwork -- YIKES!

This year, our boating season ends on October 2nd and life will then return to a much calmer pace. Normal breathing will replace gasping for air between back-to-back shifts and the bald patches caused by tearing my hair out over an insane work schedule will immediately disappear.

There's so much to look forward to, because every season has its own unique beauty that provides inspiration for artwork. In Winter it's sitting by a warm fire, watching snow falling beyond the window, then going outside to see the unusual shapes it creates and study the whites that are never-quite-white; Spring comes with the joy of seeing the first fresh, bright greens poking up through the soil and snow, crocuses and snowdrops in bloom and the return of migrating birds; Summer is the beauty of my gardens at home and the wooded Grand River environment, along with the excitement of observing birds and wildlife as my boat cruises along. But right now I'm eager for Autumn to arrive with its crisp air, abundance of glorious fall colours and long walks with my husband and our two dogs. That's just around the corner, and I can't wait...

Soon there will be time to resume - whoops, make that start - the online art lessons that were supposed to be well under way at this point. I still hope to make those 'best laid plans' become a reality, but no promises for the time being - all I want right now is to paint and draw to my heart's content. At least for a little while :)

Consider this an invitation to join me.

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