Drawing 1: And in the Beginning There Were... Baby Steps

Updated: Feb 4

All too often when I'm drawing with people around, I hear something like, “I wish I could draw, but I can’t even do a stick figure.” It truly saddens me that so many want to learn how to draw, yet they’re convinced they won't be able to unless they have talent.

It takes time, effort and practice to learn something new. None of us figured out how to walk before we were able to stand up, and we had to develop the coordination to crawl even before that. Each of these stages evolved in a simple, natural progression, with one leading to the next, and the next, and so on until we reached the point where we could run like the wind without doing a spectacular face-plant.

It's much the same with drawing. The information that's added to this blog is set up so that you can progress through the topics, with each basic skill and technique you learn providing the foundation for the next.

First things first, though...

Points to Ponder - Tips For a Good Mindset

Rule #1: Focus on what you, yourself achieve with every step you take, and never, ever compare your own work to that of others. That can easily lead to a negative “I'm not very good” mindset which only leads to frustration, disappointment, even giving up.


Rule #2: Always remember that baby steps must come first. Not everyone who takes drawing lessons is automatically guaranteed to become another Da Vinci or Michelangelo, but you can learn the basics of good drawing if you’re willing to try, to devote a bit of time to practice what you’ll learn, and concentrate on goals that are achievable for YOU.


Rule #3: Work at your own pace. There's no benefit in rushing to complete a drawing, so take your time when practicing. Every drawing you complete - especially the ones you're happy with - means a bit more progress in the right direction!


Rule #4: HAVE FUN. The entire point of engaging in art is to tap into the creativity every single one of us has hiding somewhere deep inside, and to have a good time doing it. Think of drawing as playtime!


And one last point... Think back to when you were drew as a child: Did you have skill? Did you understand technique? Did you worry about composition? Nope. You weren't aware of any of these things; you drew without a care in the world because it was just plain fun.

So strap in, folks... it's time to turn back the clock and become a free-spirited kid again!

Next up - Drawing 2: Materials & Working Environment - What You'll Need

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