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Painting Demonstrations

Aartvark offers in-depth lessons providing a strong foundation upon which to build drawing skills. 

Easy-to-follow instructions are supported with demonstration videos.  Enjoy learning about materials and the techniques used by professionals, and experience the fun of releasing your own inner artist!  

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Art Class

Phone:  905-746-3647


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the studio will not be open for indoor on-site learning.  Lessons will take place online with images, recorded videos and live streaming wherever possible.  

More to Come!

There are a few things yet to be done before this website is complete, and they are under way.  Here's what's happening:

BLOG - Updates
  • Posts will be added weekly.  Check often to see what's new in Aartvark world!

  • February 2022 - The blog will be connected to Aartvark Eve on Facebook.  Doodlewash, Instagram and Pinterest to be updated and connected.   

  • Coming in February 2022 - Images and recorded demonstration videos will be added to current and future blog posts to support learning.  

MEMBERSHIP - Coming in March 2022

The Members area will provide a community space for sharing artwork in progress, communication with others, and receiving the support essential to learning. 

  • Live streaming lessons; platforms for live streaming are currently being investigated.  (Sessions will be accessible with paid membership.)

  • In the works - Membership form and fees; will be added/posted soon!

  • Payment - E-transfer always accepted, with PayPal to follow.  (These two methods ensure that payments will be private and secure.) 


  • The gallery will be continuously updated with new artwork.  

  • Shop - Will be added for purchasing artwork and commission requests.​